Hole pic

On my Birthday I dug a hole

On my birthday I dug a hole. It was a significant act to me for a number of reasons. When you think about it, there is really no simpler task … Continue Reading →


Introducing ManShorts…ManSense short films…#1

The reluctant cat owner and the great imposter. Part of a series of short films to make you laugh, think and sometimes actually learn something.  

Grim Reaper

Dead Wrong

The second we arrive on this planet we begin to die. The process may take as long as a century but however long it takes the grim reaper will one … Continue Reading →



  “House Bill 978, the Athletic Shoe Retailer Tax Act, was introduced on Jan. 28 by Rep. William Davis and would impose a 25-cent tax on every pair of sneakers … Continue Reading →


Full of Shirt…

Passing the 40 mark is a difficult enough time for us men. Along with all of the other considerations that come with that milestone comes a big question, “What’ll I … Continue Reading →


Advice for the Wardrobe Challenged man…quality over quantity

I have heard this many times but looking at what most men wear it is obvious they don’t listen. When you buy clothes you should purchase items that are good … Continue Reading →

Uncle Wiggly Wings pic

Cold War’s “Uncle Wiggly Wings” still remembered for candy parachutes

  “A random act of kindness”, “Pay it forward”, two phrases that describe selfless deeds. They may make a small difference in someone’s life but once in while one charitable … Continue Reading →



You must be the change you want to see in the world. -Ghandi

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Native Americans On The Offensive

The Fighting Sioux of North Dakota are being forced to change their logo and their name as another result of political correctness gone awry.  This is one of the truly … Continue Reading →